Wednesday, 13 October 2021

About time

 British Airways tells pilots and cabin crew not to refer to passengers as 'ladies and gentlemen' in favour of gender-neutral terms to celebrate 'diversity and inclusion'

I know this has pissed off a great many people, but for me, as a transman, it's wonderful news. Misgendering a person, especially a trans person, is like a knife to the heart.


  1. Instead a quick comment of support I’ll try a more in depth comment. Decades ago I probably would have thought, what's the big deal with ladies and gentlemen but not today. When it is pointed out to me many phrases are hurtful for many people I think those phrases should not be used. I don’t know what the airlines uses instead but addressing the people as passengers or travelers would be better.

  2. I often find Americans are more sensitive about using more inclusive phrases like "guys" for a group of people in a restaurant etc. I'll be interested to hear what words British Airways use instead, although a simple "Good morning" without sir or madam would be fine!

  3. 'Everyone' has a ring to it, or.... Friends, Romans, Country people.....

  4. 'Welcome Guests' would be lovely. "Hello everyone, we're glad you're here' would also be perfectly wonderful. Me, I'm in the unique position of just raising my hand and saying 'Here!' when they start with Ladies and Gentlemen.

  5. "Gentlebeings" maybe? - I believe I read such a greeting in a sci-fi novel at some point?

  6. All of then work well but "Gentlebeings" has a ring to it.


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